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Corsair Electrical Connectors


Corsair Electrical Connector: Connector Circular

_D38999 20JF32PN.png




Connector Circular


Circular MIL Spec Connector 32 pin Sz 19 wall mnt Recpt composite

Corsair Product Technical Specifications

Corsair Circular Electrical Connectors

Corsair's Circular Electrical Connectors meet the requirements of military, commercial air, and industrial applications. Mil-Aero Solutions offers Circular Connectors in a wide range of shell materials, plating finishes, and contact styles for specialized applications and interconnect systems.

MIL-Circular Connectors - D38999/20JF32PN

Mil-Aero Solutions’ extensive line of MIL-circular connectors come in many different sizes and configurations. Buy the D38999/20JF32PN in stock available now. Submit an inquiry for D38999/20JF32PN or send an email to sales@milaerosolutions, we will contact you regarding your inquiry.

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